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Emerald Phoenix Foundation Takes Flight

Emerald Phoenix Foundation is opening its doors to the Big Bear community. Our new base of operations will be at 42718 Moonridge Rd., Big Bear Lake, CA, 92315. This office space will be home to our Emerald Kids Program, our flagship program.

With the Emerald Kids program we introduce school age children to 4 core subjects that we feel are important life skills. The program consists of Reiki training and practice. We have a Reiki Kids curriculum designed specifically for children.

Guided Meditation is another core subject. Basic Martial Arts Movements is included to develop hand/ eye coordination. In the Martial Arts portion, we teach basic punching and kicking drills and basic stick techniques. No sparring is allowed.

We tie it all together with Arts & Crafts. This program was designed to be used by homeschooled children through various Charter schools up here in Big Bear. We have been approved vendors for Inspire and Summit Academy. This class is unique in its curriculum. We are sure it will benefit children that look for variety and fun in thier learning.

In addition, we will be relocating our Free Reiki Clinic to this venue. Our Free Reiki Clinic has been a staple in Big Bear since 2016. In this Free Clinic we offer Reiki to anyone that wishes to receive its benefits. This Free Reiki Clinic is offered once a month. If you have heard about the benefits of Reiki and are curious to try it out, this is the place to come.

We also have Reiki sessions available by appointment. Reiki classes will be scheduled throughout the year as well. Reiki is a valuable skill that every household would benefit from making it a part of their wellness routine.
Both programs are facilitated by our founder, Brett Hand.

Brett has been a resident of Big Bear since 2015. Brett trained in various martial arts since 1992. The most recent and prominent training was 10 years at the IMB Academy in Torrance, CA. Brett trained under Grandmaster Richard Bustillo, a direct student of Bruce Lee. Brett also has been a practicing Reiki Master since 2014 and has had his own healing practice since before arriving in Big Bear.

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